As a clinical psychologist, I was trained as a clinician, to provide compassionate support, and researcher, to discern which treatments work and which do not.  I apply both backgrounds to help clients make meaningful changes in their lives.  In my downtown L.A. office, I offer evidence-based techniques including cognitive-behavioral therapy, exposure/response prevention, mindfulness, and interpersonal therapy. These strategies are effective in treating depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other compulsive behaviors. In addition, I provide positive psychology tools to help clients find joy in their daily activities and relationships.

In addition to therapy, I provide psychological assessments for children and young adults who are struggling with a learning disorder, attention problem such as ADHD, or autism spectrum disorder.  If you are concerned that you or your child may need an assessment, please contact me to discuss the value of obtaining an assessment from a qualified professional.

If you are interested in working with a Marriage and Family Intern in my practice at a reduced rate, please see the website of Frances Daof, MA, MFTI.  Ms. Daof is working under my supervision as she accrues hours for licensure.